About the Book

WOW! ME True Story by Lou

This is a story about a wonderful adventure, on the way discovering what seems to be the bestest kept secret of all time- yes, of all time!

Why did you write this children’s book?

My experience of the writing of this book happened in an inspired moment.
I had no idea I would write the book.
I’ve never written before.
I’d been thinking I wish I felt creative, but I wasn’t feeling creative and you either feel creative or you don’t.
Then the next day after having this thought, I was on a morning walk and something during that walk inspired me.
To this day I’m not sure what it was but when I returned home I just wrote the book.
I would love for this story to touch and inspire children all over the world.
I really feel it’s for the child at heart, ageless.
It’s a reminder of that wondrous feeling within.
Hopefully it touches the hearts of all who read WOW! ME.
It’s something I feel we really do know deep down inside of us-
“within all of us lives love”
The simplicity of a very universal story.
I did all the original drawings, even though I’ve never drawn before.
I loved the process, and I
really love what i Cenzial,
The illustrator has done with my drawings.
I’m so excited.

Publication Date

March 11, 2022





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